Tuesday, November 6, 2012

Election Day Fun!

Today is Election Day. This means two things: 1. I get to vote in my 3rd election, and 2. I got a day off with Lily! Today we got a lot accomplished, which is great. I got work done for my class, which is awesome. I was a wee bit behind, so I got eveything up to speed. Then, we went to vote (which is a bit more challenging when you have a 1 year old clinging to you). The line wasn't too long, so I felt very lucky about that. As we were leaving the line was MUCH longer; apparently we got there just in time! After voting we headed over to Lowes and got the paint for Lily's big girl room. I am so excited to get her into her new room with it's new stuff. After we get her into the new room, we will get Jack's room ready. We have been slowly buying things for his room, so we are ready to start putting it together!

After our fun morning of errands, we had a creative afternoon. On Pinterest there was a craft for little kids that was finger painting in ziplock bags, so the kids won't get messy. It was super easy to do, and Lily enjoyed it for maybe 3 minutes (of course!). We got some fun art to display, though. The pictures are totally saturated in paint, so I hope they dry...but we will see.

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