Tuesday, November 13, 2012

November 12 and 13

On November 12 I am thankful for other moms. I have learned so much from the other moms in my life. I have shared my worries, my joy, and my tears with moms who I work with, who are part of my family, who I went to high school with...the list goes on. These relationships are so valuable to me because they help me stay sane when things get crazy, especially in the act of trying to balance work and home. In a time when there seems to be such dissonance in the parenting community- organic or not? cloth or not? attachment or not?- I am happy that I have moms in my life who are about building each other up and not judging each other. Thanks, moms!

November 13- I am truly and utterly thanksful that I have a filter. If not, I would have probably lost my job by now. Thanks filter! (and I am oh-so-serious about this!)

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  1. I am very thankful for both of these as well! :-D