Thursday, November 1, 2012

Happy Halloween! (...and 24 weeks!)

I have been meaning to update this, and as I think to start, I get distracted. Finally, tonight, I am sitting down to update about the goings on around here!

First of all, Sunday night-Tuesday we experienced the wrath of hurricane Sandy (though I can hardly say her wrath here in Maryland even compares to what NY and NJ experienced). We got a ton of rain here, probably between 7 and 10 inches worth, plus, some fairly intense winds. We were fortunate enough to not lose power and get away from the stormy start to the week with only a few minor (and fixable!) leaks. The shore was also fine after the storm. Minimal flooding, and no problems to the house. Maryland was very lucky given the situation in the North East. The coastline of NJ was rocked, as were many of the Boroughs of NY. The area is still largely in the dark, and major flooding caused a lot of damage to the coast and to the homes of the residents there. I have many friends and classmates from Loyola who live in that area and my heart aches for them. I know the area will rebuild, but these storms remind you just how lucky we are-- and how destructive nature can be.

Changing gears, Lily's second Halloween was yesterday! We had a really fun night with our friends, the Proys, and their son Ben. Kara works with me and Tom (she works in Tom's department), and Ben is just a few weeks older than Lily. We are both pregnant again and, again, due within two weeks of one another. We are such good planners! Last night, we took the kids to Grilled Cheese and Co., which is always delicious. Then, we headed to my parents neighborhood to go trick-or-treating. We decided to go to their neighborhood because it's a little easier to navigate with little kids. Lily was a bit cranky, but Pop carried her around and had a fun time. I think we may have a new tradition with the Proys!

Yesterday, I hit the 24 week mark in my pregnancy. Only 16 weeks to go, eep! To make it seem like the baby is coming even sooner, my doctor told me-- today was my appointment-- that I will go back in 4 weeks and then start going every two weeks! Ah! Crazy! I thought about it, though, and I will be 28 weeks at my next appointment, which will be quickly followed by 30 (and only 10 weeks to go!). This pregnancy has gone by SO quickly. I want to enjoy it and take it slow, but the slow thing just isn't happening. I am, however, very excited to meet Jackson when he arrives in February. I can't wait to have a teeny baby around the house again!

And now...Halloween!

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