Wednesday, August 28, 2013

Quick Updates

I am barely functioning by 2:30pm, so updates to the blog have been, well, sparse. Things have gotten much busier with the start of school, so as I adjust to the new routine the blog will likely be quieter than normal.

Our goings on...

School is going well! Things are busy and getting used to the routine is hard, but everything is going smoothly. I want to write a longer post dedicated to going back to work, but that is going to need to write (as writing a coherent sentence is a bit challenging after a busy day...).

Lily and Jack and are doing well. Jack started solids and loves his fruits (so far). He is enjoyed bananas and pears. He tried peas a few days ago, and is still trying to acquire a taste for them. Lily is talking up a storm. Her new favorite movie is Charlotte's Web. She requests the pig every afternoon. She also thinks there is a dinosaur in the pig movie. There is not.

I am an exhausted excuse of a person. Jack has been sleeping a bit better, but even one middle of the night wake-up coupled with my 5am wake-up is taking a toll. Once I finally sit down in the afternoon, I realize how mentally and physically exhausted I really am...

I will get around to writing a more substantial update later this week...until then...enjoy your Thursday and Friday!

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