Saturday, August 10, 2013

Vacation 2013

Warning! This is a picture heavy post!!

We are home! I bet you all missed me.

All 10 of you. 

We spent a week in Fenwick Island, DE. It was wonderful. We stayed with my parents in a condo by the bay. We could see the bay from our balcony. Lily loved watching the birds and the boats. She discovered she could open the door, so, when it was unlocked, she would let herself in and out.

Our house was pretty spacious. It had two master bedrooms. We had the master was a huge tub and a big walk-in closet. Lily slept in her pack and play in the walk-in closet. My mom's idea, but Lily LOVED it. She slept like a rock in there, probably because it was so dark! Jack slept in a pack and play next to us. And by slept in the pack and play, I mean, slept in the pack and play for a bit, then came into our bed when he couldn't sleep. He is still working on sleeping. It is a slow process.

We spent three days on the beach. Jack did an awesome job on the beach on Sunday. He rolled around on the big blanket and even napped in my arms. Lily liked the beach so much more this year. She did not like the water, I think the waves scared her, but she loved the sand! She buried herself in it. She made sandcastles (and by made I mean destroyed). She generally loved playing with the sand.

We went to the Bethany boardwalk and the Rehoboth boardwalk. Tom and I had a date night (we went to Liquid Assets. It was awesome. Huge shout out to Tim for the recommendation!). We did family dinners both in and out. Lily enjoyed the playground in the community where we stayed and the playground at Northside Park.

I will probably write a little more about some funny Lily things later. Jack is not having a good time sleeping tonight, so I am writing this between checking on him. Here are some pictures of our time downy oshun!

Pinky's up for donuts!

Check out my shades.

Buried in the sand.

Our family :-)

Our view!

Building castles. Except building means destroying.

Pretending to sleep.

Finally! A good one of Lily and poppy.

Us again. Jack is half asleep in the Ergo.

Oh. Hey Jack.

Just rolling away.

Love, love.

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  1. Love the photos and it looks like you had a lot of fun on your vacation. Love the beach pics. Thanks for sharing. Hope you're having a great weekend!