Saturday, January 4, 2014

2014 Commitments

I decided I am not making resolutions. Resolutions never stick. They last for a few days, weeks maybe, and then, well, the year is in full swing and they are long forgotten. I decided this year I am making commitments. I like the word commitment. It says that you are staying with something. You aren't giving up on it. My commitments for a better 2014:

1. Be a better person. Always a plus, right? This encompasses being a better mom, wife, daughter, sister, teacher, etc...If I am just a better, more positive person I believe each area of my life will improve.

2. Get fit. After having 2 kids my body needs to remember what it's like to be back in shape. I haven't totally lost my figure, but it definitely needs a little toning. I got a running double stroller for Christmas, so I have no excuse for not running (especially since I can take my kids along for the ride!). I also looked up some yoga classes at a local studio that I am going to try. My two goals for this: step out of my comfort zone and try something new (yoga!), and run 250 miles this year.

3. Eat healthier. I have decided I don't want to follow any eating programs, but I do want to eat healthier. I already eat a fairly healthy diet, but I could stand more fruits and veggies and less sugars and fats. I have already bookmarked some recipes from to try. There is even a meal planner function on the website.

4. Give a s*it. Ok, I really don't like typing cuss words, but this one needed a cuss word. Again, I will be blaming my kids for this, but I have really fallen out of caring what I look like. That's not to say I am a total slob; however, I haven't put much thought into what I wear or how I present myself. This is partially due to a severely limited wardrobe after my body changed from two pregnancies (see commitment #2 for my goals on changing my body back (as much as possible, my hips will never be the same...)). So, this goal revolves around putting some make-up on for work, popping my contacts in (I finally got some new ones), and wearing things that say, "hey, I give a s*it about how I look". This goal should be fairly easy to achieve because I am already doing some of these things.

5. Last one-- don't need too many commitments-- and that is to be above the negative. For serious. At work there is negativity all over the place. Why? Because things are changing and teachers be like "AHHHHH THIS SUCKS." But really? It's just change. And the change will become practice, and then...POOF! it will change again. Teaching is change, plain and simple. I know I easily fall into the trap of negativity and it is just no good. My goal-- do my thing. Be positive ray of sunshine that blinds all the naysayers and negative nellies.

So those are my commitments. I will keep them. None of this "maybe I will keep them" crap. I need a mix up in my life, a little change, a small adjustment to get me back on the track of feeling good, and strong, and positive, and these are the things I want to focus on (on which I want to focus, for the grammarians out there). I truly believe we should always strive to be better versions of ourselves, and these are my steps to a better Emily. How are you going to be a better version of yourself in 2014?

(Also, who wants to be my workout buddy?!?)

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