Monday, January 20, 2014

Jack is going to be one...

...and, in the words of Little Einstein's Quincy, "I cannot believe it!"

This year has just flown by. One year ago, I was 9 months pregnant, huge, wondering when little Jackson would make an appearance. One month and 3 days later, he did. And now, here I sit, planning his first birthday party.

I decided that this year's theme will be little monster because, well, he is a little monster! The child gets into everything. Everything! He is in the toy boxes, up the stairs, pulling on doorknobs, trying to climb gates, and that isn't even half of his antics. I found some super cute invites and decorations on That combined with Oriental Trading, and I think we will be good to go. I decided to go with a brunch for Jack's party because it's winter, and he is only one, so he won't remember it. Let's be honest, this party is really for me. I am celebrating his birth. And my quick labor. And a great epidural.

I am slowly roughing out the menu: fruit, an egg casserole, a french toast casserole, some bacon and sausage, coffee, juice...

I am mostly keeping it to family and close friends. He doesn't need a whole crazy friend party yet. I will save that for a bounce house or bowling ally when he is older.

And now, a few picture updates because I haven't posted pics of my munchkins in a long time...

Jack's first snow experience. Sorry for the pink pants.

More food please! I like these eggs!

Who is bigger?


Learning to walk!

Jack is shocked by Lily's love.

She is so sweet. Except when she's hangry. Or too tired. Then, not so sweet.

I can't get enough of this kid. Look at those teeth!

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