Wednesday, January 22, 2014

Snow Day

Kids are sleeping, Tom doesn't feel well, so he is sleeping...this means I have some time to myself. I have a little grading I might do (I graded some earlier, so there is a strong emphasis on the might), but I decided that I could give the blog a real update and not just post pictures (though, most people would rather see pictures, I am sure).

Today is our 4th snow day (I think). The past two winters have been very mild, so this very cold, and very snowy, winter seems a bit odd. Like any teacher, I love a well placed snow day. One in the middle of February when we have a longer spell of school. But lemme tell ya-- I am getting really tired of the snow and cold. I know, I live in a state where there is the potential for anything-- heat, humidity, earthquakes, blizzards, freezing temps, rain, hurricanes, etc...(literally, the good old line state does not discriminate when it comes to weather)--but I am tired of this frigid cold. I want to go outside. I want my kids to be able to go outside. We have been trying to come up with fun indoor activities-- we built a fort (Lily calls it a fork), we fingerpainted, we played playdoh, we built legos, we played puzzles-- but the energy that a 2 year old possesses is not meant to be contained by a house! Yesterday, we got her outside for a bit, but she came in crying because she was cold and her boots hurt. Today, it is VERY cold, so we are inside. Boo.

This impromptu break has allowed me to catch up on grading and long term planning. I still have one or two things to grade (I accidentally left some at school), but other than that, I am good to go for report cards. I am pretty well planned for 11th grade, and have reviewed the 10th grade for curriculum for Night. I don't like it, so I am adding a few things of my own. My AP kids are in the middle of reading 3 books, so they are busy with projects. Things are going along fairly smoothly school-wise...except our schedule is so disrupted because we have at least one day a week off. I feel so off because of that. I hate feeling off.

Other than the weather, and plodding along with school, things have been quiet around here. Well, I suppose quiet is relative, things have been normal (I guess that's relative, too)...things have been...things. The kids are growing and growing. Sometimes, I am sad they grow so quickly, sometimes I am so excited to greet the new stage, new experience, new challenge.

Lily is just a kid. For real. A kid. Her toddler days seem firmly behind her. She is potty trained; this little snow-cation has sealed that deal-- she asks to use the potty now, and knows when she needs to go. She is talking more than Tom and I (I know, I know hard to imagine). She loves to dance, and sing, and do arts and crafts at school. She says things that are hysterically funny. She is really just an awesome little girl.

Jack is moving all around. He can walk behind his little push toy walker thing. He started crawling on his hands and knees, which is a step up from the army crawl he typically does. He loves to climb the gate in the basement, and thinks he is really something when he does it. He smiles all over himself, and loves his sister. He is just becoming a toddler before our eyes. The infant Jack is almost a memory.

Speaking of Jack-- he is starting to stir from his nap. I keep hoping he might fall back to sleep because this has been a shorter nap, but it seems he is awake. I suppose those are all my updates for now. I do have some pictures to post later once I get them on my computer, so keep a lookout!

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