Friday, June 17, 2011

Due Date!

Well, today is the day...Lily's due date. Still no signs of her arrival, so we will continue to wait. It is nice to know that we have a week left, at most, because the doctor will induce me a week from today, if needed. I am hoping that Lily will just decide to come on her own, but only time will tell!

Today was also the last day of school, so Tom is done for the summer (I have been done for about 2 weeks). He starts camp on Monday (he is playing laser tag all summer, tough, I know). I am staying at home this summer with Lily Bean, which is exciting because I haven't had a summer off in a long time! I know I will still be very busy with a newborn, but it is a much different busy than teaching summer school!

Here is an earlier picture of Lily (at 20 weeks):

All curled up! She is much bigger now!

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