Thursday, June 16, 2011


So, as far as this pregnancy goes I am a little late to jump on the blogging train. Tomorrow, June 17th, is my due date and I am getting a little antsy, so in order to occupy time, I figured why not blog. This whole experience is certainly a new adventure for Tom and I and maybe, at some point, Lily will read this and learn about her first 9 months with us.

We found out that we were pregnant on 10/10/10 (a Sunday). Enter excitement and nervousness. The time between finding out and now has absolutely flown by. I believe this is partially because the pregnancy spanned the school year. Some of the funniest moments of the pregnancy were courtesy of the things my 10th graders said (or did) over the past 9 months. Here are a few priceless quotes from my kids:

"Mrs. Blumenauer I CAN SEE IT!" - Jordan (I was approximately 15 weeks and had just told the class I was pregnant...I wasn't even showing)
"Hi baby Rosey! It's Rah Rah! I can't wait to meet you!" - Kahrah (every morning one of my volleyball players would talk to the baby in a high pitched voice...the "Rosey" is from my maiden name Rosen...which most of my players still call me)
"Where is Mrs. Blumenauer today? Must be out getting baby stuff ready." - Jordan (to Ms. Butler when I was in class right away...and was only about 15 weeks pregnant...)
"What happens if your water breaks in class?? What should we do??" (30 seconds pass) "OH NO! I am in the splash zone!!" - Ski (when he decided his front row seat would turn into the log flume if my water broke in class)
"If you have sex when you are pregnant will it poke the baby?" - My seventh period class (they like to overshare and ask questions that I don't want to answer)
"Hey Mrs. Blumenauer. You're having a baby." - Kiya (every morning as she walked into class she reminded me of this...just in case I forgot)

Needless to say, having curious tenth graders around made being pregnant at school quite interesting. My kids were also incredibly sweet- two of my classes bought the baby an entire wardrobe of clothes, plus some toys and other baby things. I was most surprised by the handmade blanket that Morgan's grandmother made for the baby (it had her name on it and everything) (Morgan was in my GT class and played JV volleyball).

Now, my students aren't the only excited ones at co-workers, who are absolutely amazing, are also very excited about Lily's arrival. I had a lovely babyshower at school, complete with a delicious Cold Stone ice cream cake! Lily has many aunts back at OM who are waiting for her! My co-workers also nicknamed Lily "Blue Peanut M&M"...I apologize to my child in advance if this name sticks.

And then, of course, there is the family. They are tremendously excited. This is the first grandbaby for my parents and Tom's parents, so this experience is a really amazing thing to share with them. My brother is away in China (he is doing science-y stuff sponsored by a grant from the National Science Foundation), so he will miss Lily's birth. That does make me a bit sad, but through the miracle of modern technology he will get to see her through pictures and Skype. I also figure that he will hold a newborn like a bomb, so it might be better that he hold her when she is a bit bigger. Tim is also Lily's godfather...a decision that some have questioned...but I think he will be an amazing godfather. Lily's other uncle is Brad. He picked out cute little froggie bath toys for the diaper cake (don't worry if you don't understand this reference). Brad is going to be an awesome uncle...he will have Lily playing volleyball in no time (especially if she is a long as the ultrasounds are indicating!).

Ok- this post is long enough. I realize it covers a little bit of everything, but it gives a good scope of how things have been going. I have been lucky enough to have a "boring" my dad says, with a pregnancy boring is good. Now a few pictures of the belly over the course of time...

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