Thursday, June 30, 2011

Blackbird fly...

So Lily apparently likes The Beatles and James Taylor. She was fussy, so I put her in her swing. She continued to fuss, so I put on the song Blackbird. She quieted down almost immediately! When I rock her I sing James Taylor songs and she also seems to enjoy those.

Last night was a lonnnnggg night. Lily was WIDE awake and did not want to go to sleep. She finally settled at 130 and promptly spit up all over herself...her sleeper was covered. Once that was cleaned up she fell asleep for 4 hours straight. Once she is ready to sleep she sleeps for longer stretches, which I am grateful for. I am hoping to start getting her on more of a schedule now that I know she is gaining weight well and can go longer between feedings...though it seems funny to give a one week old a schedule!

Today Lily is going to meet her cousins Allyson, Campbell, and Keller and her Aunt Sandy and Uncle Carl. I can't wait for Campbell (5) and Keller (3) to meet her. They will probably have her dressed as a princess before they leave...haha.

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