Sunday, August 26, 2012

It's the most...

...wonderful nerve-wracking, insomnia-inducing time of the year! Yes, folks, it's the night before back to school. I am actually prepared (I think) this year. Not that I am an unprepared person. I am usually very prepared and organized. This last week just threw us a hell of a curve ball, so things felt a bit surreal around the good old school building. I have my class lists and checked them twice. I have my bags mostly packed. My lessons are ready. My room is ready. I am sure I forgot something. I know once I get back into the swing of things, I will fall into a busy, chaotic, yet comfortable routine. I am sure this year will really be ok, just like every year before it. But those first day jitters always come back.

In other news, Lily is doing very well with her grandma daycare. She and Kenzi seem to be getting on quite well, especially in the beat-Fred-up department. The poor dog is going through the ringer with these two girls! My poor Bean did get a bad insect bite on the bottom of her foot (yes, the bottom), which made it all red. She doesn't seem to notice or care. She just keeps on walking and playing and laughing. I would be trying to rip my foot off.

Little poppy (baby number 2) is also doing well. I will be 15 weeks this week-- time is flying! I go back to the doctor on September 6 for my 16 weeks appointment. Then, on September 26 we get to find out if poppy is a boy or a girl! I am SO excited! I cannot wait to know if Lily will have a little brother or sister. I am happy with either. A girls means we get to re-use clothes and a little sister for Lily. A boy means, well, a boy! As long as we have a healthy baby, I will be a happy momma!

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