Friday, August 10, 2012


So since I hit the 6 week mark in my pregnancy, I have been sick. Not a constant all day thing, just a morning thing. I throw up every.single.morning. I do not enjoy. I don't think I have had breakfast stay in my body for any amount of time for the past 6 weeks. However, this hasn't stopped me from gaining a pound during my first trimester.

Cravings? Yes, please. Coke. It is the only thing that settles my stomach and helps my headaches. Also, I want burgers and fries like no ones business. Healthy, I know. Maybe this baby is a boy. With Lily, I had very few symptoms and a fairly easy pregnancy. This baby is having way too much fun messing with me!

Despite feeling like ick, I am looking forward to the following exciting things:

1. Our gender ultrasound. I am hoping to schedule it for September 26. We have off school that day, so it would be easiest. I will be 19 weeks and CANNOT WAIT to find out if this little baby is a boy or a girl.

2. The fall. I love the fall. Love cooler weather, sweaters, comfort foods, football, changing it all. Cannot wait.

3. Seeing my friends everyday at work. Maybe not seeing the kids, but definitely seeing my friends.

4. Starting to feel baby kicks. I think I have felt some flutters, which isn't entirely impossible given that this is my second. Last time, I felt the first kick at 18 weeks the day of the ultrasound. Lily kicked me while I was teaching Shakespeare. Can't wait for that first little punch when the baby says, "hi mom!".

5. Wearing amazing, comfortable maternity clothes. I love pants with elastic waists!

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  1. (1) I'm hoping you have a boy. Jacob gave me heartburn like you wouldn't believe, and I had evening sickness. But I didn't throw up. I feel bad for you :-(

    (ii) OMG Fall! I can't wait either. I think it's just the cooler weather that I'm most looking forward to though. I can't wait to bust out some sweaters and jeans and put Jacob in some of the long sleeve things I've gotten him. It's all about the clothes...

    (c) I think you totally hit the nail on the head about the work thing. Let's face it, we're awesome, and we're fun people to be around.

    (delta) Those baby kicks are awesome. I miss those.

    (five) I'm jealous of you and your comfy maternity elastic waistband pants wearing. Maybe I'll just buy a pair of pants with an elastic waistband and wear shirts that cover that part so that no one knows I'm wearing them...