Thursday, August 30, 2012

Catching Up...

Well, it has been a busy, busy week. A tiring week. A crazy week. It was a first week. I feel like I have some catching up to do. I will include subtitles in this post because I have so many things to update...let's start with school...

School has been insanely busy. My friend Angela posted on Facebook that if you hear an exploding noise it's probably our department, and I think that's true. Trying to fall back into a schedule, not only with school day, but also with the baby, is hard. I have been running around collecting papers, planning lessons, copying papers, attending meetings, and trying to stay awake. My classes seem to be good, so far. They aren't huge-- 13, 16, 23, 25, and 25 (these are approximate numbers)-- so I really can't complain. By the end of the day I am exhausted mind and body. I forgot how physically demanding the school day is truly a workout. I am glad (I think) to be back. I love seeing my friends everyday. I am becoming a bit more energized about the school year. The opening this year was a little hard due to some unforeseen problems, but things are slowly smoothing back out.

In addition to the school opening, there was a shooting at Perry Hall High School. PHHS is in Baltimore County and the news was absolutely numbing. I have a lot to say about this, but I am saving it for a time when I have more energy. I have to say, though, that from the looks of things, everything was handled well. My heart goes out to the whole PHHS community; I hope they can heal and move on with some normalcy.

Lily Bean
Lily is as fantastic as ever. She is talking more these days. Still not a ton of words coming, but she has now added "milk", "ball", and "up" to her vocabulary. She is always so happy. She makes any bad at work, so much better. I wish she would sleep a bit later in the mornings, but it is nice to be able to play a little before I leave. She is loving her time with Kenzi, her BFF. My mom said she gets so excited when Kenz gets up from her nap. She points to her room and smiles her cheesy grin. I am glad she is enjoying time with a friend!

Poppy is growing and growing! I am 15 weeks as of yesterday. My next appointment is September 6, and then September 26 we find out if Poppy is a boy or girl! My morning sickness has mostly gone away, but I still have this weird throwing up thing when I first wake up (I did the same with Lily). I definitely have a belly, which is probably about as big as I was at 20 weeks with Lil. It's amazing how your body changes so quickly the second time around! I am starting to feel the baby more and more, which I love. He or she made some big moves yesterday, which was amazing. I cannot wait for a real kick (I know they will be here soon!). I am not really craving anything specific, but I have definitely wanted comfort food lately (ok, really I want cheddar cheese broccoli and rice...). I can't believe I am already into the second trimester...this pregnancy is flying by!

I think those are all of my updates. We are hanging in there as we get used to the work routine. As always, life is good. Just ask these girls...

Angela and I needed a break, so we put the girls in the toybox...

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