Saturday, February 16, 2013

39 weeks!

This past Wednesday marked my 39th week of pregnancy! It seems crazy, but I have 4 days remaining until the due date (2/20). I am excited and, of course, anxious...and even a little nervous. I am hoping for an "easy" delivery like Lily's, though in maybe a little less time. Everything was looking good at the 39 week appt. I won't have my 40 week appt. until Thursday, if I make it that far.

In other news, Friday was my last day of work. This past week was a bit stressful because the original long term sub I had backed out on Monday due to family obligations. YIKES! I talked with Becky (my dept. chair) and she gave me a few more names, and luckily, I found another long term by Wednesday. She has all my plans and the books the students will be reading, so I was able to feel confident about things as I left school on Friday. I am looking forward to some rest before Jack gets here. It will be nice to sleep, relax, and enjoy my time with Tom and Lily before the newest arrival comes home.

Lily is doing very well. She is always so happy (ok, not always, but her cranky moments are few and far between!). She is loving coloring and likes her new chalkboard. She surprised me the other day by saying "A,B,C"...I thought she only knew "A" (shows you what I know!). She is becoming more and more verbal and is saying so much more (especially when there is no paci in her mouth...). She is enjoying running around and wearing everyone out. I am a little nervous about the transition to big sisterhood, but I think it will go smoothly.

I definitely have a lot of pictures to upload. My computer decided to die, so I just got a new one. I need to add some of the pictures of Lily that I have on my camera. That will happen soon, but, for now, goodnight! This mama is tired!

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