Friday, February 22, 2013


I believe this is the point in my pregnancy with Lily that I started blogging. I am 2 days overdue, so no biggie, I was 3 days overdue with Lily when I had her (this isn't uncharted territory). I had my 40 week appointment yesterday. My blood pressure is fine (I thought the nurse said 100/60, so it's almost low (I guess I am that relaxed!), my weight is normal for this point in the pregnancy, Jack's heart rate was in the 140s (which is where it's been the whole pregnancy), and every else looks fine. I have made no progress since my last appointment (shocking...really...not shocking), so we have Plan A and Plan B. Plan A is still go into labor on my own (oh please! oh please! oh please!) and Plan B is an induction (no, no, no!).

So as far as this week upcoming looks (provided I have no baby by Tuesday)...Tuesday I have an ultrasound at 9 am to see how big this baby is looking (Dr. B thinks he is about 9 pounds), then Thursday I have my 41 week appt. to see how things are looking and to schedule an induction, and then Friday (morning, I assume) I would be induced. Ultimately, I will have a baby in the next week, so I am good with that. If I am induced next Friday, Jack will be a March baby, which would add to the calendar for our family in March (our family is all over March- my dad, Tom's dad, my birthday, Tom's birthday, Mandy's birthday, Sam's birthday, and the list goes on and on...). I am hoping Jack decides to be born this month because Timothy needs someone to share his birth month with!

As for my Lily...I have a bunch of pictures to put on this is what Lily has been up to for the past month:

We colored in a box from Ikea.

We cheesed for the camera.

We colored some Winnie the Pooh pictures with intensity.

We got new baby stuff to match mommy and daddy's baby stuff for Jack.

We looked out the windows for airplanes (and daddy!).

We finally found a big enough chair to sit in.

We did "ready, set, go!" with the baby doll in the swing (watch out Jack!).

We posed with mama and Jack after his due date.

We found some nice mittens in the form of socks.

We shook our booty in skinny jeans (way cooler than mama).

We drank out of a big girl cup at The Burger Joint (and said "hi" to Topper!).

We finally found the hat that matches everything!

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