Tuesday, March 26, 2013

Cloth Diapers

So we have been using cloth diapers for about 3 weeks now. We wanted to wait to use them until the circumcision healed because the A&D would have ruined the cloth. Now that we have gotten into the swing of things, I am really enjoying the diapers. They are easier to use than I imagined; even the cleaning process is simple. I think there are many misconceptions about cloth-- even I had some before really researching and trying. Let me get one thing straight, though. I am by no means a "crunchy" mom. I am not trying to save the planet by using cloth. I am trying to save money. Because we need money to do things. Like buy groceries. And pay the mortgage. And Vera Bradley...but I digress...

Part of the reason I am enjoying cloth is because they are really dang cute. See here:

I also like them because they are cheaper, in the long run. I basically have all of the diapers I will need for Jack's whole diaper-wearing life. Most of the diapers go from newborn to potty training. The bonus of having a big baby is that the one size diapers fit better earlier. He basically skipped the newborn diapers (he wore the NB fitteds for maybe 2 weeks and the XS Thirsties covers for the same amount of time...he never fit the Bummis NB covers). Right now, I am really liking the Flips covers with aplix (Velcro). I discovered I don't love diapers that snap because I can't get the good fit that I can with aplix.

Another bonus to cloth-- I discovered, when Jack was only  few days old, that the Pampers he was wearing were making his whole diaper area red. He even got diaper rash very quickly. When I switched to cloth, the problem was solved. I think he was having a reaction to something in the diaper. With the cloth, I mostly use 100% cotton diapers, so it is gentler on his skin (he comes from a long line, read me, of sensitive skin folk...).

As I go along this new journey with cloth I will keep you updated about what I like and don't like and what diapers seem to work best for us. So far, things are going great! And now, another fluffy butt...Jack will thank me later for all of this diaper only pictures...

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