Friday, March 22, 2013

Rough Night

Lily, our great little sleeper, had a rough night last night. We heard her whining on the monitor saying "no", but eventually she quieted down and fell back to sleep. I guessed she had a bad dream, which is why she might say "no" in her sleep. We went upstairs at around 10 to get ready for bed. After I brush my teeth, wash my face, take my contacts out, etc...I always check on Lily. I have since she was moved into her own room.

When I go in I do two things: pull her blanket on her and take the books out of her crib. Last night, I did these two things and she sat up and cried and cried, saying "mama" over and over. I picked her up, rocked her for a minute, and asked if she wanted dada (she hasn't seen Tom all day). She definitely did, so Tom came in and rocked her. She cried and cried through the rocking. Tom brought her in our room, an unusual treat for her, and she laid in bed with us. We got her to calm down and the girl was all snuggles. At 11:30, we moved her back to her room, which she didn't really want...but we needed sleep. She settled down in her crib almost immediately and was asleep faster than I was.

So this morning, I am a little more tired, but it's ok. The snuggles we got last night were wonderful. As I was holding my girl I realized her body isn't so tiny anymore. She isn't my little baby, and change that seemed to happen overnight. I suppose Jack fills the baby role in the house, so Lily can slide into the kid role. While she is still classified as a "toddler", I definitely see her as a kid now. She isn't testing out her legs anymore, she runs. She knows what makes her happy and what makes her sad. She knows exactly what she wants. She a funny, confident, happy little girl. I will admit, I felt a little sad that she isn't my tiny girl anymore; however, seeing her grow and change makes me the proudest mama in the world.

I love you, Lily Bean.

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  1. I was just thinking the same about Jacob in terms that he's slowly turning into a little boy and he's leaving the baby stage behind. Especially when I hear him laugh. It's starting to lose the baby giggle. Sigh. Why must they grow up so quickly?