Monday, March 25, 2013

Spring = Snow?

SNOW DAY! Wait, what? Yes, you heard correctly, it is March 25, but Mother Nature don't care. We probably have 5 inches of snow in the yard, and it's still snowing (though, not sticking at this point). For me, this means very little other than I got to play in the snow with Lily. For all of my teacher friends not on maternity leave this means a snow day for which, I am sure, they are very grateful. It's been a nice day, so far. Lily and I got outside and played in the yard. We also went for a walk. We searched for airplanes (you cannot see airplanes when it is snowing...), made snowballs, and attempted to go down the slide. Once I cleared the slide of snow Lily decided it was not clean enough (darn snowflakes kept falling!) and would not go down the slide. Womp womp. At least we had a nice walk!

This guy loves to smile. He did not get to participate in the outdoor activities.

Before going outside it is always wise to make a complete mess of the dining room.

It is also wise to unlace daddy's snow boots.

What is this stuff?


Hmm..what to do next...

I hear the airplanes...I don't see them.

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