Saturday, March 30, 2013

Lily and the Hat

Lily does not really like to have things on her head. As the mom of a girl, I was super excited for her hair to get long enough to put cute bows in it. It would figure that every time I put a cute little barrette in, she immediately pulls it out. I got two pigtails in her hair, two seconds later *poof!* gone. She also cried. She is a little more flexible with hats. If you tell her we are going outside and she has to wear a hat, she is all over it. She loves to go outside, so convincing her she needs to keep her head warm is relatively easy. Given her great hatred of things on her head, it was a bit surprising when she decided that she HAD to wear a newborn knit hat for the better part of the day...

Wearing the hat while pushing a stroller.

Wearing the hat while playing with magnetic letters with grandma.
Sometimes, I really want to know what goes through the mind of a 21-month-old. I really, really do. I imagine it is probably something like a car race- little ideas speeding around faster than you can capture them. As evidence of my theory, I cite Lily's activities the other day: look out the door, run to the toy bin, grab a toy, run to the shoes, try on dada's shoes, run to Fred's crate, try to coax Fred into the crate, run to the toy bin, show mama another toy, run to the door, recite every outdoor thing you can think of, run to the middle of the rug, spin in circles...I am pretty sure these ideas spontaneously enter her brain and exit her brain faster than the speed of light...

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