Saturday, March 23, 2013

Jack is 1 Month!

At 1 month old Jack loves...
1. ...his sister. At least I am pretty sure he does. He smiled for her twice! He also opened his mouth at her when she was leaning in and she was so excited because she just knew he was trying to kiss her.
2. ...his rock and play. This is where he sleeps at night.
3. ...nursing. I think this goes without explanation.
4. ...his baths. He is so much more calm in the bath than Lily was at his age. He is so chill in his little tub.
5. ...snuggling. He seems to fall asleep the best when he is on someone's chest.
6. ...being in a carrier of any kind. See #5.
7. ...kicking his little legs.
8. ...his pacifiers. When he keeps them in his mouth...
9. ...being warm. This kid is not one to be chilly. Once he is snuggly warm, he will fall right to sleep. Don't, however, swaddle him, that is not fun.
10. ...and, of course, mama and dada!

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