Monday, June 4, 2012

Almost summer!

I have been a bit slow about updating lately, so I figured I would check in while I had a little down time. This weekend was crazy busy! On Saturday we had the carpet installed in the basement. Under normal circumstances this would be an easy task; however, under Blumenauer circumstances, it was not. You see, we had a tile basement. Carpet cannot be installed over tile, so it had to be torn up. This gave Tom a time frame of about 48 hours to tear up tile. Fun. Luckily, my dad and brother helped and things got picked up and hauled out. After the carpet was installed on Saturday, we got our furniture all assembled and put into place. The basement looks great! In fact, I am typing in the basement right now.

Sunday we got pictures on the walls. Tom umpired a last minute double header and I went to my parents for the day. It was nice to just relax and play with Lily. My brother is home from graduate school, so it is nice that he gets to have Lily time now, too.

This weekend I stopped pumping. It has been about a year, so I decided it was time. Lily is taking a few ounces of whole milk mixed with breastmilk or formula, so she is on the way to drinking solely cow's milk. I didn't realize how odd it was to not pump until this morning when I was getting ready for work. Usually, I pump while I eat breakfast, but I didn't have to do it this morning. It is such a bittersweet thing for me. I will not miss being attached to a machine, but it also marks the end of Lily being a little, tiny baby. Lily is eating adult food, for the most part, so she is getting more and more nutrients from veggies and fruit. She LOVES to feed herself. She doesn't want purees in spoons anymore because she cannot feed herself. Luckily, she is a great eater, so we can put down fruit pieces or veggie pieces and she gobbles them up.

This week marks the end of the school year. I am very excited about that. It doesn't really feel like the end right now, but I know, come Friday, it will. Then sweet summer time with my little Lily Bean.

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