Wednesday, June 27, 2012


Well, here it is, Wednesday again! Today, we had a fun day. Lily had her first day of swim class. I wouldn't really call it "lessons" per se, because how much learning can a little baby do? Lily was dunked (she hated), we sang songs, we played little games, and we splashed. Lily still isn't sure how she feels about the water. I think she likes the water, but does not like having other loud kids around. I think that makes her scared (coupled with a foreign environment makes it harder).

Tomorrow, Lily has to have bloodwork done. I am a little nervous. The last bloodwork she had done was when she was 4 days old. She didn't even notice that the nurse did anything. She actually pooped herself. Adventures at the lab, for sure. I know she will be more aware of what is going on tomorrow. I am hoping it's just a little heel prick, which I don't think will be too bad. She has to have a CBC panel and a lead test. The lead test is because we live in an older house. I am not too concerned about the outcome of the tests, just how she (and I!) will handle it.

Ok, confession time:

I watched "Teen Mom" and cried. Yep, I am that lame.

I wish Lily liked the water a bit more. I mean, I think she doesn't hate it, but she definitely doesn't love it. I know with time she will like it so much more. I am hoping these classes will help her get accustomed to the water. I also think going to the shore will help her more and more.

I need to clean my house. Badly.

That's all for today. I should go vacuum or something. Should.


  1. She will do great! Quinn had a full blood draw (like needle in the arm) when she was 9 months and we were a WRECK for 2 weeks. She did amazing and it was over in a flash! Didn't even cry!

  2. Lily had the full blood draw and it was fine. She cried when they cleaned her arms, but actually calmed down during the draw! It made me feel so much better because I was super nervous for her!