Thursday, May 31, 2012

A little after mid-week.

This week is a little loopy, so my confessions this week are "a-little-after-midweek-confessions."

Let me preface this confession. About 2 weeks ago, I gave some AP kids a 0/50 on a class work assignment because they were not working during class. They were having extra conversations, not focusing on the task at hand, etc...Well, I have had 3 students complain, one go to the assistant principal, and one parent email me regarding this zero. Now, if the zero was totally not justified, I would get it...BUT two of the students admitted they were not on task (they wanted "extra work" to make up for the grade...). The other student got shot down by the assistant principal after she spoke with me about the grade. The parent seemed ok once I explained the situation in about 6 emails back and forth. I don't entirely know if there is a confession under here, other than I am so tired of students not taking responsibility for themselves and their work. I never would have questioned a grade unless I knew it was incorrect (and that means the teacher wrote something different in the gradebook than what was on my paper). This whole situation really fired me I am not punishing your child, no I didn't do this to teach them a lesson...yes I did it because you child wasn't doing the assigned work! UGH.

By the end of being the senior class advisor there were very few seniors who I really liked...

I love graduations. They are always so nice. The kids always rise to the occasion and do a really beautiful job. This year, a record number of kids cried...which made me a little teary. I said goodbye to one of my favorite volleyball players (and students, really), which was a little sad for me. I just wish some parents and families would realize that screaming, bringing noise makers, and generally looking silly is not completely acceptable for a graduation.

I think know my daughter is perfect.

I think that's all for now. Most confessions are related to school. The year is quickly drawing to an end and I am feeling the crunch to get things done, graded, cleaned, organized...and all of that has me a bit frenzied. I am so looking forward to June 9th when the summer is officially here. We have a busy June (a party every weekend!), but I am looking forward to getting a little more sleep and spending time with my Bean!

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