Sunday, July 1, 2012

Mazel Tov!

Yesterday, we celebrated the Bat Mitzvah of my friend Becky's daughter, Emily. Emily is like a little sister to me. I met her when she was 8 years old and have had the pleasure of watching her became a beautiful, not always so graceful, teenager. We went to services in the morning, and then the Hunger Games themed party in the evening (no worries, no teens were hunted and killed in the making of this party!).

Religions other than my own really fascinate me (and my own religion also fascinates in many different ways). It is amazing to me that Judasim and Catholicism can be so different, yet, while sitting and listening to yesterday's service, I could identify so many things that were the same. I suppose that is what happened when religions are founded on many of the scripture readings, laws, and ideas. I think it would be beneficial for all religious to listen to each other a bit more carefully, they might find that share more in common than they think. Emily did a wonderful job reading her Torah portion. I even teared up when she read her interpretation of her Torah portion. That kid is really wise beyond her years (she even compared Moses to the Hunger Games, c'mon now, that is skill!).

Another thing I did, was watch Becky (yep, I am a creeper). I watched her because, now that I am a mom, I understand more the significance of these events. There is obvious religious significance for Emily, but I think there is an aspect of significance for Becky, as Em's mom. This is one more step toward "letting go", one more move toward Emily's future as an adult in the world. Freaky. I imagined Lily 12 years from now, and, man, I was really moved by the whole thing. I know you don't even really let your children go (goodness knows many keep coming back!), but there is a process of independence that happens, that has to happen. This is one of those steps. More than once, Angela and I have said how crazy it is that Emily is 13 and Steven will be 16 (in 4 days), and how they seemed so young not so long ago. Time really does fly. You really do need to pay careful attention, or you will miss it.

So, enough of the mushy, let's get to the party! The decorations were awesome! Becky really, really did a phenomenal job with everything. The driveway was lined with district banners, the tables were all different districts (each centerpiece related to the theme of the district). There were lights all around. There was a banner that read "may the odds be ever in your favor" surrounded by plants that looked like fire. When you entered you waked through an archway covered in black feathers, complete with an owl (a fake one, thank goodness, real birds scare me). Everything looked amazing. Big props to Becky for pulling that together!

At the beginning of the party I got to give Emily her gift from my family and Sarah's family. We gave her tickets to see Wicked (Emily loves dance, theatre, and anything that combines the two). Sarah and I will go going to the October 18th show, along with Em and Becky. I burned Em the CD soundtrack, and then wrote " Memorize this by October 18, 2012" on the envelope. When she opened the envelope the CD said, "Wicked, Hippodrome Theatre, Baltimore, MD October 18, 2012". And then I witnessed the best gift reaction EVER. Seriously, this reaction is the whole reason I give gifts. Emily SCREAMED then gave me the biggest, longest hug. Then she started crying (this girl wears her heart on her sleeve for sure). Giving Em gifts is really one of my greatest pleasures because she is always so thrilled. I love it! Needless to say, we are all VERY VERY VERY excited to see the show!

Lily did a great job at the party despite the heat and the later time (later for Lily, at least). My girl had a very busy weekend between the Bat Mitzvah (her first!), and playing at grandma and grandpa Blumenauer's pool, she was a busy bee. She is already snoozing.

Oh, and how could I forget, we had other excitement this weekend. Friday night we had a crazy storm that knocked out our power in the middle of the night. Saturday morning we went to my mom and dad's house and we stayed overnight on Saturday. Lucky for us, sometime Sunday morning power was restored. I am hoping that my friends who are still without power get it back soon!

Phew. Long post. Great weekend! Next up- The 4th of July!!

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