Saturday, July 7, 2012

Congrats to the Newlyweds!

This evening Tom, Lily, and I went to Ashley and Dave's wedding reception. Ashley is my best friend since high school. We were on the yearbook together, and really, very quickly, became inseparable. We went on "spooky" rides through Spring Grove, drank countless coffees at Barnes and Noble, went on one amazing cruise, and shared countless memories. She had a baby just a few months before Lily was born and was my maid-of-honor. She is one of the truest, most genuine people I know. The reception was a lot of fun. It was a beach theme, which was perfect for this hot weather. The food was yummy- especially the crab dip!- and Lily loved the fruit! We had a really nice time.

At the reception, I got to talk with Mrs. Kenney. Mrs. Kenney taught me English 10 in high school, and is probably the reason I teach English. I LOVED her class. I had two English classes that really inspired me, her class and Mrs. Randle's 11th grade class. Talking to Mrs. Kenney is funny- tonight I spoke with her about how I teach AP Lit. How I teach it! Crazy! She commented that it is so crazy that I have my own child. And, I suppose, it kind of is. I am sure that, on some level, I am still that 10th grade student in her class (heck, I still view many of my 2012ers as little 7th graders who I student taught). It was really nice to catch up and chat about everything that has been happening.

Not much else as been happening. Oh! Our friend Becky had her baby boy, Garrett, yesterday! He is a big boy 9 lbs. 10 oz., 21 inches. I am excited to meet the newest OM baby. Becky is a member of the mommy club of OM. We have been waiting for Garrett's arrival as he was a few days overdue. I guess it was comfy in there!

I haven't posted many pictures lately, so I will get on that tomorrow. I have a few pictures of Lily from the 4th to post. I also have a few "comparison" pictures of me and Lily. My parents uploaded them to their computer right around Lily's 1st birthday because we wore the same dress. We do look similar, but Lily definitely has a lot of daddy in her!

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