Wednesday, July 25, 2012


I am pooped! Today was a really good day. Lily had her final swim lesson this morning, which is kind of a relief. To be honest, she didn't love it. I am glad we did it because it gave her another chance to get used to the water beyond the shore. I think it is important for her to have many different experiences, even if she doesn't love them, to get comfortable with other kids and settings. She did do a bit of a better job today, and didn't start crying until after she was put under water. I enjoyed getting to see my friend, Kara, every week. Kara and her son Ben (who is 2 weeks older than Lily) were in the same class that we were in. It was really nice to see them every week!

After swim, we had a little down time, and then Campbell and Keller, our cousins, came over to play. We had a really fun time doing a little bit of everything! While Lily was still awake, the girls played with her in the basement. After that, we went outside (it was amazingly gorgeous outside) and played on the swing set. Then, we got some arts and crafts stuff out and the girls made very sparkly pictures with flowers. We decided to work outside because the weather was so amazing. After they finished drawing and sparkling, we set up the water table and the girls splashed for a while. We got out the aluminum foil and made some boats that they quickly started testing to see how well they would float. It was a great afternoon!

This evening we had dinner with my parents (paninis!) while Tom played softball. Dinner was lovely, as always, and Lily enjoyed time with pop and grandma. Starting tomorrow, I really need to kick into packing mode because we leave for the beach on Saturday morning. I am looking forward to the vacation, I am not looking forward to all of the prep in the next two days!

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