Monday, August 3, 2015

I am stealing from Sarah. What's new?

Hi guys! I am back. That's right...two days of blogging IN A ROW. I just put the finishing touches on a presentation that I am giving tomorrow, so I decided to not think about how nervous I am by blogging...

My BFF/work wife Sarah is doing a teaching reflection 30 day challenge over on Grover's Corner. I am totally stealing it. Teachers are extremely gifted at stealing, so I figured, why not? Seems like a good challenge to prepare and focus before I head back to class.

Reflective Teaching (here is where Sarah stole from...)

Day 1: Write your goals for the school year. Be as specific or abstract as you'd like to be!

1. Find balance. This year, especially this fall, I am going to be really busy. I coach volleyball, co-advise SGA, and am running two committees. Fall is a big season for SGA (homecoming, spirit week, etc...) and volleyball obviously eats up a lot of time during the first quarter. Finding balance with teaching, grading, planning, coaching, advising, parenting, wife-ing, always a bit of a challenge. I know I will find balance and hit a groove, but I need to maintain some sanity while in the process of doing that.

2. Launch enrichment. This year, I am helping on a teacher-led committee to launch an enrichment program at school. It's a big undertaking, but I am really excited for this opportunity. I think my school will benefit so much from the program and hope it launches the way we envision it.

3. Get learner-centered. Sarah and I started musing about this last year, and we continue to discuss the ways we want to manipulate our classrooms. Elementary classrooms are so vibrant with stations and reading centers and comfy seating. Then, you get to high school where things are, well, not like that. I want to create a space that students can really make their own and feel comfortable learning in. I also want to work on creating centers where students can work cooperatively. I think this is definitely do-able, but I need to find some resources in order to execute the vision. Sarah and I are going to be hitting Ikea soon to scout out some deals on ways to transform our rooms. I think step 1 is getting rid of the good old teacher desk...which means cleaning out said desk...

I always hate saying goodbye to summer and my days as a stay at home mom, but I love welcoming school because I thrive on a schedule. I also love getting back into my classroom (and seeing my friends...). I am hoping this year sets the tone for the direction in which I wish to take my teaching. I can't believe I am entering my 9th year!

See you tomorrow for day 2!

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