Sunday, August 30, 2015

Welcome to my room!

Learner centered is the buzz this year, and Sarah (my work wife) and I are embracing it. We had a little conversation last year about alternate seating and it grew into actual practice in our rooms. I finally got around to taking some after pictures, and I am just getting around to putting them on the blog. My students are enjoying the room (I think!). Their favorite things, so far, are the core balance cushions I got for their chairs. They inflate and they can sit on them and wiggle a little to get energy out during class. They are great for quiet writing because it takes unfocused energy and allows students to concentrate on writing. I got 5, but so many kids use them, I may need more!

Anyway, without further room (well, my room and the English room of about 130 students!)!

When students walk in the room they can see the date and day (A or B). The bathroom pass is on the board and the papers for the class are on the small table.
The board for class agendas and homework,

Reading area. A few bean bag chairs, a lamp, an area rug, and 4 clipboards on the wall to use if a student is writing.

The whole room.

Back corner. Teacher computer (no desk!), storage for students' supplies, a computer for student use, reference posters, and other student resources.

English 9 board for I can statements. Also showcases our GRIT program.

Another reading area. Looked so cozy in the sun. The pink storage units are for bags filled with markers, pencils, crayons, glue, scissors, etc...for each table group. The kissing pumpkins are a student project from 2 years ago. It depicts Proctor and Abigail Williams dancing on Elizabeth Proctor's grave...

Goals bulletin board...we haven't written goals yet.

My favorite area! Hanging file area, objective area, and info bulletin board. 

The OM letters were given by the principal for commitment to the school. The gold seals are for various programs I facilitated.

Seriously. This just makes me happy. Nerdy teacher happy. BUT SO HAPPY.

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