Thursday, August 6, 2015

Reflective Teaching Challenge: Day 4!

Day 4 challenge: What do you love the most about teaching?

I love my students. I love that they challenge me, surprise me, and encourage me. They can be crazy and silly or they can be serious and studious. I come to work every single day because I know my students need me to be there. Now, they are teenagers, so they can push my buttons. They know how to drive me crazy and make me mad and can definitely frustrate me.

But they are also kind. And caring. And smart. And talented.

Some of my students have experienced hardships that I cannot even imagine. Some of my students are gifted beyond measure. Some of my students simply surprise me at every turn. I love being involved at school because I know I am working to make the experiences of my students, better ones. Experiences that they deserve to have.

My absolute favorite teaching moments are when students engage in fantastic, thought-provoking conversations, or when they execute the perfect homecoming decor, or when they win a tough volleyball game. I love watching them grow and learn and dream. I love watching them graduate.

So, my students. They are what I love about teaching.

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