Tuesday, April 23, 2013

A Day in the Life

This day in the life will change in 3.5 short weeks, but right now this is what our days look like...

7:00am: Time to wake up! Jack is usually hungry and whining in the co-sleeper next to me, and Lily is babbling something in her room. Typically, it's "OH NO!" because she threw something onto the floor and immediately realizes she needs it now! My mom arrives to help (she is our daycare provider, so, even though I am on leave, she comes over to help and maintain Lily's routine).

Jack and Lily relaxing
7:15: Lily is eating breakfast...usually something like blueberry toast, a bagel with cream cheese, fruit, yogurt, or cereal. It depends on her mood and the day. She loves pears, blueberries, mango, peaches...basically any fruit you can name. I nurse Jack...then he usually goes back to sleep.

Good morning! And Go O's!
7:30: I pump (my favorite part of the morning...) and eat (yay hands free nursing bra!).

8:00-12:00pm: We get dressed. Lily and I brush our teeth together and I wash my face. I get the kids dressed and diapers changed (because both are in diapers, so it's super fun). Then, I try to throw in laundry (we wash the cloth diapers every other day) and we play. If it's nice out we take a walk or play on the swings. If it's not nice out, we color or play with blocks or watch a little tv. We try to mix it up because Lily has the shortest attention span on the planet and needs many different things to keep her occupied. Jack is easy...he nurses every 2-3 hours and is happy!

Sides! Sides! Sides! (Slides, Lily, Slides)
12:00pm: Lunch and Caillou. The girl loves her Caillou.

1:00pm: Lily goes down for her nap after reading 2 or 3 books. Then, I have time to eat. If Jack decides to sleep, too, I can catch up on blogs and blogging, read, work on never-ending thank-you notes, or other mommy things that are easier to do without kids.

3:00ish: Lily is awake! Time for a snack, a drink, and getting outside (if it's nice). We try to get out as much as possible because Lily loves to be outside (and it makes her a much happier kid).

5:00: Lily eats. Tom is coaching baseball right now, so he doesn't get home until 6:30 or 7:00. Lily needs to eat earlier or she turns into...well...a monster. It is a trait she gets me. Sadly. When he is finished with coaching we all eat together (cannot come soon enough...I am sure he would agree...).

Yum! A dessert treat!
6:00-7:00: Tom gets home. He bathes Lily and gets her ready for bed. Our girl is usually worn out by 7:00, so she generally has an early bedtime. We read a few books before bed, take vitamins, and brush teeth. She is very easy to put down, which is such a blessing.

Seriously, mom. Get out of here with the camera.
While Tom puts Lily to bed, I make our dinner. I have gotten super chef-y (yep, chef-y) with dinner while on maternity leave. We will see if this lasts when I go back to work.
7:00-? We eat dinner, talk about the day, and watch our shows. Sometimes it's Dancing With the Stars (go Jacoby!!), sometimes it's NCIS, typically it's Duck Dynasty (it makes us happy, happy, happy!). Jack stays with us until we go to bed, since he sleeps with us (well, in the co-sleeper next to us). Once he is bigger, we will put him in his room and he will be more on a schedule like Lily (hopefully). Jack's last feeding is usually between 9:30 and 10:00pm. After that, he sleeps for a good 5-6 hours before needing to be fed again.

Now, in 3.5 weeks this whole thing we change and we will re-adjust. Then, in June, school will end and so will our schedule. Sometimes, I feel like our life is a constantly changing schedule!

A Day in the Life {Growing Up Geeky}

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  1. Haha. So cute. Gotta love Caillou! Pumping is totallyyyy the best part of the day -_-