Monday, April 29, 2013

Mommy Monday

It is finally spring. And by finally, I mean, the weather has turned (for the most part) and it probably won't snow anymore.

This weekend we explored another playground because Lily loves playgrounds! We went to the tire park and Lily loved it! She climbed all over the tires, went on the tire swing, went down a huge (fast!) slide, and ran all around. I love watching her explore, and learn new things. I also love how she gains more and more confidence in herself as she conquers another slide or climbs steeper steps. She is always so excited to play with the other kids, and she makes friends so easily. She really amazes me in every way.

She also got new shoes. What was not so amazing? Her totally breakdown in the shore store when the nice sales lady asked her to take her shoes off. She kept crying SHOES! SHOES! We had to go to a specialty store because her right foot turns in, so the sales lady needed to see her walk and check out her foot. Yeah, Lily wasn't into that. She cried and wouldn't even look at anyone else in the store. Luckily, the lady had shoes in her size that should help with her foot. I think the lady felt badly that Lily freaked. The girl loves shoes; just not the shopping part. She will learn.

As for Jack? He is 2 months old and wore a 6 month sleeper to bed last night. My little infant...yeah...not so little!

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  1. Oh, no is she slightly pigeon toed because I am and it s kind of an embarrassing pain at times. Course not as embarrassing as putting braces on my legs like Forrest Gump like the doctor wanted to so thankfully my mother didn t push that. Hope Lil doesn't have that problem.