Thursday, April 18, 2013

Tantrums? Tantrums!

I have been trying to start this post approximately 1,345,902 times (give or take). Sadly, I had a really awesome topic to write on...and then I forgot. This is what mommy brain does to you. They don't tell you that part (that ambiguous they...those people who should know). That not only do you donate your eye color, hair color, ability to roll your tongue to your children, but you also give them your brain. I swear, Lily has my memory now. I hope she enjoys it.

So today ended up being awesome. I say ended because it started as one big temper tantrum. It is said that I was a perfect child. It is also said that I cried for the first nine months of my life. But that is irrelevant to this post. I never threw tantrums. I am quoting my mom. She was there, she knows. I don't remember my brother throwing tantrums. Timothy barely made a peep for the first year of his life, so I don't think tantrums were anywhere on his radar. Somehow, Lily got a tantrum gene, and I am guessing it isn't from me (I am give you a serious side-eye my dear husband).

Let me explain: when Lily doesn't get her way, or has to do something she might not want to do (I say might because usually, she ends up not minding the task) she throws a tantrum. I am talking epic, body throwing, crying tantrums. Luckily, they only last a minute or so and then she moves on (easily her mother). This morning was one big tantrum. Lots of crying. Lots of body throwing. Not lots of fun.

Usually, to deal with the little monster we ignore her and it goes away. She stands up, and says hi to Fred or Jack or one of us and then plays. We also don't have too many public tantrums, thank goodness (although the law of parenting says that since I said that here, she will have one tomorrow).

My question to you all is: how do you deal with tantrums? How do you help your little monster stop throwing them? Is that possible? Help!

But I don't look like a monster, mommy.

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