Monday, April 22, 2013

Inner Chef

So during this maternity leave I have liberated my inner chef made dinner more than twice a week. It's basically one of the biggest accomplishments of my leave, other than pushing out a 10+ pound baby. Tonight, I am attempting to make pineapple shrimp mock fried rice (go here for the recipe). I am kind of excited about it; my hopes are high, so let's hope it's good!

Another thing I have decided to do: break out the good ole Beaba Babycook food maker. Why? Because Infantino came out with this:
Lily is totally in love with pouches. Basically, pouches are baby food blends in squeeze bags. Really, they are for babies who eat baby food, but she can feed them to herself and, in a pinch, are a good snack (and a good way to get veggies into her sometimes stubborn toddler diet). We were spending a small fortune to stay stocked up, so when I saw this in the store I jumped on it. Now, I can make her blends (much cheaper with produce becoming fresh with the spring/summer/fall) and give her pouches from home. Yay! Plus, I can take the kids to the markets in Catonsville that run during the summer. Double yay! Buying 50 pouches costs way less than buying 50 pouches (even when the produce is factored in). Plus, I can use the thing when Jack starts solids.

Ok, time to go make dinner...I will let all 6 of you know how it is!

(To be clear...I received no compensation for the mention of the fabulous products/companies named in this post! I just like them.)

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