Monday, May 6, 2013

2 Month Stats

Today Jack had his 2 month appointment. He is a BIG boy! He is...

15 pounds, 2 ounces
26.5 inches

According to the Carter's clothing tags he is one pound shy of outgrowing the 6 month clothing! Ah! I have mostly 6 month stuff for the summer, so it looks like by the end of the summer my baby will be in 9 month clothing. I also don't think he will be long for the infant car seat. I believe our car seat goes to 30 inches for height, and my guy is 3.5 inches away from that. AH! Nuts!

I cannot believe Jack is so big already. He is only 2 months old, so he is still my little baby, but it feels like he is already 6 months old. It is crazy! I love watching my little man grow...I just wish he would slow down a little bit!

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