Friday, May 24, 2013

It's Been a Week...

...and I survived work! Honestly, it wasn't terrible. My classes all seemed fairly happy to see me. The girls who I see when I have locker room duty were excessively happy to see me, which is funny because I don't see them for class (I barely know their names!).

My classes are all in pretty good spots. My honors 10 kids are reading Night and it's going really well. My AP kids are reading The Things They Carried. I think they are enjoying it. My standard class is in a tricky spot. They have been working on article analysis all week. We are in the middle of testing, so I have kids out from that class almost daily, which makes consistent instruction a challenge.

In some ways it is really nice to be back. I love seeing my friends. Being able to talk with them and laugh with them during the day is great! I am enjoying being back in my classroom. It is like the honeymoon period again, though, so we will see how I will feel by the very end.

Speaking of the very end-- it is coming! We have 14 days remaining, which is insane! We have 2 weeks of regular instruction, followed by a week of an exam schedule. The schedule is so weird. It is different from years prior because we don't have any half days at the end of the year. It will be an interesting adjustment, I think.

As far as home goes, the adjustment back to work seemed to go smoothly. Lily has been great all week and Jack is always great. I even made dinner all week (well, last night we ate at my mom and dad's and today we ate I made dinner for 3 nights...still an accomplishment!). I love coming home to MAMAMAMA! DADADADADA! and Lily's little clomping feet running toward us. I also love Jack's big smiles and coos. It is just wonderful.

Watching sister play at her water table.

Splish Splashing

Playing with her water table.

Big 3 month old!

Happy Baby!

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