Thursday, May 2, 2013

I wish I had my camera...

This story starts before the need for the camera, so let me begin with a story that started twenty years ago (eeps! I didn't realize it was that long ago...). Twenty years ago my brother was six years old in Mrs. Kimble's first grade class. That really doesn't mean much, except that it lets all of you (what, like all 6 of you?) know how I met Lexie.

Me and Lexie, December 2009
Lexie is Topper's older sister. According to Topper, we are mere apprentices (he confused apprentice with acquaintance a long time ago), not really friends. As apprentices, we did things like have a spy club, attend art camp, and host a radio show (which we recorded on cassette tapes on a radio with a tape deck).

**Side Note: The radio shows were fairly awesome. They featured the Mars Supermarket jingle, had great music, and even had guest spots such as Dr. Love and his sidekick (otherwise known as Topper and Tim).**

(I am telling this story in the most long-winded way possible...)

The following are a series of pictures that appear on a box that Lexie made me for my 17th birthday. Enjoy.

Hard to believe I was this attractive when I was 10 years old.

We played a lot of trouble.

These two studs...

This was NYE 1999. Remember Y2K?
Moving on...

We grew up and got married. Lexie married Sam, they grew up next door to each other, in June 2009, and then I married Tom in December (and she was in my wedding). In March 2009 Tom and I bought a house, which, coincidentally, is right next door to Sam's sister Stacey and her family. Got that?

Ok, good.

Stacey and Matt have three kids- Abby, Charlie, and Andrew. Abby has quickly become Lily's best friend (whether Abby knows that or not). Lily looks outside the door and says "Abby?" She waits for her to come home from school. She follows her around like a puppy. Lily loves Abby.

I think Lily and Charlie might be starting a relationship. Maybe Charlie learned a thing or two about dating the girl next door from his Uncle Sam. So far, they were hugging in the backyard, he invited her to his secret hiding place, and they chased each other in the yard. I am pretty sure that is love for a 2 and 3 year old.

Ok, now I am finally getting to why I needed a camera. Aren't you glad you are still reading?

Abby was making some mud, so Lily had to watch. Lily helped Abby mix the mud and poke things in the dirt. It was really sweet. And by sweet, I mean kind of messy, and a "Emily, let her play in the dirt and stop being weird and let her get dirty" kind of way. So I let her poke the mud and imitate Abby stirring her potion. I have to say, Abby may be 5, but she is amazing with Lily. She could easily push her aside and do her big girl thing, but she is so patient and explains everything to Lily. She treats her like a friend. One of Lily's very first friends. Cue a tear in mama's eye.

That is why I wish I had my camera. I would have loved to take a picture of the girls exploring the dirt. Looking for bugs. Examining tree goop. Making mud. Being kids.

I hope Lily remembers all of this. I hope she stays a kid for a very long time. That her growing up is slow, and sweet, and filled with more muddy moments with her friends.

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