Friday, May 17, 2013

Favorite Things

These are a few things that have made being a mommy of two much easier. I also have a list of favorite things at the top menu bar of my blog, but these are things that I would add to the list. Two of my high school classmates, Andrea and Tessa, have favorite things listed on their blogs. Check out Andrea's blog at and check out Tessa's blog at I think you will enjoy both!

Onto my list!

1. Calma Medela Bottle: Jack is EBF, but when I go back to work he will be on the bottle during the day. The Calma bottle is different than a regular bottle because the baby must create a vacuum to get milk. This imitates breast feeding, which works when the baby does the same thing. Unlike a traditional bottle, that, when flipped, drips milk, the Calma doesn't drip anything, which means the baby has to work for the food (like with breast feeding).

2. Sleep sacks. The one shown here is the Aden and Anais sleep sack. Jack is a little hot body, so we use the A and A sleep sacks because they are made of light cotton muslin. We also like the Halo sleep sacks, but they are a bit too heavy for Jack (even the cotton ones!). We love them because the baby cannot get tangled in them. Just zip up and go!

3. Medela Pump in Style breast pump. It's a breast pump. I don't think I need to explain too much. I use it once a day to build a stash of milk, and will use it when I go to work. Pumped for 12 months for Lily, and plan to for Jack. Plus, I really love all of the Medela products, so that makes the pump that much better!

4. Ergo baby carrier. Why didn't I get one sooner??? It is amazing! A bit expensive, but a real back saver. The Bjorn killed my back, and with a big baby things weren't going to get easier. This thing is like heaven in a baby carrier...and Jack likes it, too! It also has a pocket with a zipper, so I can stash my phone/money/keys/whatever when I go out.

5. Moby wrap. Allowed me to be hands free to chase Lily. It always calmed Jack right down, and fit snugly and comfortably on me. Recommended for newborn babies, but as they get older it stretched pretty easily.

6. Aden and Anais swaddle blankets. These things are HUGE and very soft. We use them for everything. Lily sleeps with one. Jack lays on them on the floor. They have cleaned up spit up. They are really wonderful. A bit expensive, but totally worth it. Plus, you get 4 in a set.

7. The Boppy pillow. Makes breast feeding easier. Good for baby propping and tummy time. Later, it's great to help baby learn to sit.

8. Rock and play by Fisher Price. I didn't have this with Lily, but it really saved us with Jack. He is a spit up baby, and for the first month of his life he slept in this next to our bed. It let him sleep on an incline, so he didn't spit up as much. Now, he naps in it from time to time, but it was really awesome for that first month (it helped me get sleep!).

9. Arm's Reach Co-Sleeper. Jack sleeps in this now. It is great. Plus, it's bigger than a bassinet, so he will (length wise) fit in it longer. It can be used as a bassinet or co-sleeper (just lower the one side). It comes with a fitted sheet, but I also found the Gerber Crib sheets fit it nicely, and cost much less!

10. Cloth diapers. Using them for Jack and love them! Easy to wash, easy to use, and very cute. Plus, they are cheaper than disposables (in the long run). I wrote a post on these here, so check that out for more info!

11. Snap and go. I use this with the Graco car seat when it's just me and Jack. It is so light, has a huge basket, and fits nicely in my car (Nissan Rogue). I wish I had one when Lily was a baby! It is great for the mall because it fits easily in the all of the stores between the clothing displays.

I could probably add more products to this list, but these are the things I use daily. (I received no compensation for any of the companies listed...I just love these things and want you to try them!)

So what makes your life easier?? What do you love?

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