Tuesday, May 21, 2013

I love to talk like my mama

Lily has been talking so much more lately. It's like a little switch was hit and she has started saying so many more things. Lately some of her words:

Hop-hopter (helicopter)
How you?
Luh you!
Hi Jack! (or mama, or dada, or Freddie)
Where ahhhh you? (In the morning, through the monitor, "Mama, dada, where ahhhh you?")
Fahted? (Farted?)
Yes (she answers yes to basically any question)
A, B, C, B, F, E, C (the alphabet)
Ehhplanes (airplanes)
I fine! (she falls and gets up and says this)
She touches your nose and says "honk!"
She touches her nose and says "beep!"
Bee-bees (Blueberries)
Beans-beans (green beans)

There are numerous other funny things the girl says. I really love how much she is talking lately. It makes our lives a lot easier. Her little ramblings are awesome. I love it!

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