Friday, May 10, 2013

Colds, colds, colds

I normally update this more than once a week, but this week we have been dealing with a sick Lily. Sick Lily is not fun Lily. Though, I am told that I acted the same exact way, so this must be paybacks or something.

Tom decided to take Wednesday off because baseball season ended (the regular season, anyway) and he wanted to take a day. Of course, Murphy's Law of Parenting states "if you take a day off from work to spend with your family, your child will get sick". Little known fact, but it's true.

2:30am Wednesday morning we hear crying. Lily is crying and she's hot, so she joins us in our room. She dozes from 2:30a-5:00a (after getting some Tylenol in her...also not fun). From 5:00-6:30 she watched Sprout in our room. I had to feed Jack at 5:00, so I sat up with her. Tom took her downstairs at 6:30, so I could sleep a little more. Poor girl had a 101 degree temperature and snot that would not give up. Gross. She was also super clingy, whiny, and crying. Once she got up she didn't really want to eat or drink, but somehow, got energy enough to do laps around the coffee table.

I am not sure how sick kids summon energy to play. When I am sick I am basically a useless lump. I am still a stellar patient.

So all of Wednesday was basically fever, snot, medicine, crying, clinging, repeat. My mom came over while Lily was napping, so Tom and I could go to lunch (P.F. Chang's-- yum!).

Thank goodness, Jack is a perfect baby. For serious. He was just happy and quiet and pleasant all day. I am hoping Lily did not share her germs, or that breast milk is super amazing and prevents him from illness. It is not easy to keep Lily away from her brother! Girl loves that little boy and wants to kiss him all the time!

I didn't get pictures of my patient on her worst sick day, but here is the day before (when I should have known she was getting sick). She is playing "sleep".

Jack was my happy man, though, he looks a little sad in this picture. I love his froggy hat! Everything is six months in size...he isn't so little!

My parting thought: I hope I don't get sick. Mommies don't have time to be sick! (This should be a law: moms around the world should always be healthy...they have too much to do!!)

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