Wednesday, May 15, 2013

Oh Lily...

This kid does, and says, some crazy things. Today, we went for a walk once the weather got nicer. We were walking around 5 pm, so people were out grilling. I said, "Lily, smell that? It smells like grilling. It smells like summer!" She looked at me, pinched her nose, and said, "PEEE YEWWW!" Apparently, grilling smells appalling to her.

Other things she says:

Now she farts, says "I farted" and then, when you ask her "what do you say?" (hoping she will say "excuse me") she says, "BURRRRPPPPP" (but more the noise of burping). Then laughs hysterically.

She was saying her ABCs, which goes something like "A, B, F". Then, "A, B, F, C, circle". She is slowly getting closer to knowing them. She also knows O. Because it looks like a circle. Her favorite shape.

Her age is so much fun. It is also pretty hard. She is still the queen of tantrums. I think because, while she is talking much more, she can't fully communicate with sentences or articulate what she wants all the time. She obviously knows, but she can't quite tell us. I know it's coming. She says new things all the time, and definitely repeats what we say. But I am surely looking forward to the day when she talks fluently.

I know my kid isn't the only funny one. What does your kid say?

She blogs, too.

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