Sunday, May 19, 2013

Back to work I go...

Tomorrow I go back to work. How can 12 weeks already be over? It seems like Jack was just born, but somehow, on Thursday, he will be 3 months old! Tomorrow, Lily is 23 months old, and one month away from 2. Why do these babies grow up so quickly?

I am greeted with mixed emotions about going back to work. It's only for 19 days, so really, how much can I complain (a lot, probably...)? After those 19 days fly by it will be summer break, and I will be home with my babies again. Work is going to be hard for these 4 weeks. I have a lot to cover in a short period of time, and will likely have a few fires to put out from having a sub in for 12 weeks. Plus, we have HSAs. Those are always enjoyable.

On top of that, one of our students, a senior, committed suicide on Friday night, which I know will be hard for the school community to cope with. I did not teach the student, but knew her. Any child who dies is a tragedy, but there is something that makes it even harder to process when the child takes his or her own life. Graduation will certainly be hard this year (another student, a standout scholar and athlete passed away last year in his sleep, adding to the sadness surrounding this year's graduation exercises).

There are good things that come with going back to work. A paycheck. Those are nice. Seeing my colleagues and friends. I have missed them! The cheesy grin that greets when I get home. Those are all things I love!

I still can't believe my leave is over. It was really, very enjoyable. I will miss my babies while I work, but I know I have afternoons and weekends (and, soon, summer!) to play, and laugh, and have fun!

Almost 3 months old!

Sibling love.

Looking tan...Mom! I NEED A SNACK!

My little chunky dude!

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