Monday, May 13, 2013

Mother's day late...

So my Mother's Day post is a day late. Yesterday, I had a delicious brunch at my mom and dad's house (blueberry french toast bake thing, egg casserole, bacon, and fruit yum!) and basically laid around all day with the kids. Jack had the crankiest day he has had since birth (no joke), so there was a lot of rocking and soothing Jack.

Being a mother was always the one thing I knew I wanted to be. As a little girl, I would play dolls and house. I regularly married my friend Brad. I really enjoyed reinforcing stereotypical gender roles. Ha. As I got older, I loved to babysit. I was so excited to see my baby cousins and ohh and ahh over their baby-ness. Being a mom is something that I always imagined for myself.

So now I am a mom. Yes, it's not always roses. There is snot, and poop, and vomit. There are sleepless nights. There is worry. Constant worry. Not only over the well-being of your children, but over the "I am doing this right" question. There are days when you can't wait for the kids to be asleep, so you can get a minute to yourself. There are those days and those things.

But there are also baby smiles and belly laughs. Newborn new-ness against your chest. Little footsteps daintily running around the house. There are first words. First steps. First "I LUH YOUs". There is a sense of being needed the way only moms are needed. There is the feeling that the world is better when you wrap your arms around a little scared or worried toddler. For every gross or tiring or "bad" thing there are a million good ones.

That is what I love about motherhood.

Every single moment of every single day is a new adventure. A new word. A new reason to laugh. A new reason to smile.

I never knew I could love two little beings as much as I love Lily and Jack. My heart opened wide when Lily was born and, somehow, it opened even wider when Jack arrived. Mrs. Duggar's heart must have exploded long ago (or she might not even remember, her mommy brain has to be out of control).

I absolutely love being a mom. I truly do. I am thankful each day for my children, who made me a mommy. I am thankful for my mom who set such a wonderful, powerful example of what a mom should be. Someone who loves, and loves, and loves...and sends you to school unless you are dying. I am thankful for my grandmothers and their love. I know they are watching over me and loving their great-grandchildren. I am thankful for my godmother and the love she shows me. I am thankful for all of the moms in my life. Who lift me up, laugh with me, and cry with me. What a sisterhood!

So, go on moms, celebrate yourself! You deserve it. You also deserve a million dollars for your job; however, I cannot supply that. If you know who can, please, let me know!

Here are a few pictures from my Mother's Day:

Whispering secrets into her brother's ear.

My kiddies.

That's my brother! (Jack: I AM?!)

Oh sis! You are really letting me use your phone? Thanks!

Lily and Pop playing with chalk.

Lily and Pop

Jack and Grandma

Uncle Tim doing what he normally does...

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