Thursday, June 20, 2013

Bean is Two!

Today was the day! Bean turned 2! I took a ton of pictures throughout the day, so here is Lily's 2nd birthday...

We woke up and saw daddy off to work. Then, pop-pop Jack came over and we went to Duesenberg's for breakfast. They have huge portions at Duesenberg's, so Lily and I shared French toast. The girl loved it! She got so many compliments on her behavior and made all the ladies in the room smile.

The breakfast-- on a real plate!
A big birthday smile!
After breakfast, pop-pop stayed and played for a little while. Then, we headed to Owings Mills for a lunch date with daddy. We went to Chick-Fil-A, one of Lily's favorite places to eat. She did a great job at lunch, minus spilling a vase of water on the table (note to CFA: real flowers are nice, but the water in the vases is a hazard to people with small, want to grab everything, children).
After we enjoyed lunch, we came home and Lily took her normal nap. I wrapped Lily's presents (nothing like a little last minute wrapping), while Jack played on the floor. Tom's parents came over to celebrate, so when she got up (and Tom got home) we let Lily open her gifts. We got her a bubble leaf blower, a medical kit (same one I had when I was little), a ball and bat, a swim vest thing, and a mini bounce house. Luckily, we got the bounce house out last night, because this afternoon it was deflated. I found a hole, and we decided we need to return it. She did love it while it was inflated, but we don't want another one to deflate, so maybe we will get her a trampoline (the small ones with a handle bar). She LOVES the medical kit, though. She listens to our hearts, gives us shots, and puts the fake band-aid on her ankle.
A little static in the bouncer.

My beauty.


Jack needed to see what this whole thing was about...

A medical kit!

A bubble blower!

For dinner, we ordered pizza. She was so excited when the delivery man arrived! She laughed, rubbed her belly and went mmmmmm! She screamed pizza! pizza! pizza! and sprinted to her booster seat. The girl loved dinner.
After dinner, we played a bit more and then she went to bed. She has been quiet ever since. Right now, Jack and I are hanging out; we are finally relaxing after a fun, but busy, day.
I can't believe I am the mom of a 2 year old. I am sure I will say that every year, but it's true. Time certainly flies. It seems like Lily was a teeny little baby only yesterday (well, I guess that isn't far from the truth) and now she is a walking, talking little girl. Happy Birthday, Lily Bean! Mommy loves you!

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