Saturday, June 8, 2013

Jack is growing far too fast

There must be some second kid law that says they grow exponentially faster than the first kid. I guess because your attention is divided you don't notice the second kid growing the way you did when there was just one. With Lily, we watched her like a hawk. I mean, she was the only kid around, so she got all of our attention. With two, your attention is split. Half my time I have chasing Lily, the other half I am making sure Jack isn't covered in spit up.

Somehow, I looked up and Jack was ready for the jumperoo. He also sat in the bumbo this week. I know Lily met this same "milestones" at the same age, but it felt like it took longer for her to get to that age. With Jack, I feel like time zoomed by and he is already almost 4 months old. This makes me a little sad. I want to embrace his infancy for as long as possible, but the universe seems to want him to grow up into a toddler.

Lily is growing at warp speed, too. Just by bringing Jack home from the hospital, she grew. Lately, she is more of a kid than a toddler. She definitely has that baby fat look still, which is adorably cute, but her language and fine and gross motor abilities are changing and developing so quickly. She is a little mom to Jack. She kisses him, and gives him toys, and talks and sings to him. It is heart melt inducing.

I am hoping this summer will allow time to slow a little. I doubt it will. I think the time warp will happen until the kids are out of the house and on their own. It seems cruel, almost. When you are a kid time takes forever to pass. Those slow days on summer break lasted about 10 years instead of 24 hours. Now, as an adult, time passes quickly without warning. Just when I need it to slow down. I guess the only thing I can do, we can do, is hang on and enjoy the ride.

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