Monday, June 3, 2013

Week{end} Recap

What a nice little weekend! There is something about working that makes me appreciate my time at home so much more. Whenever a new mom says she is apprehensive about going back to work, I always say the best part is how much more you appreciate each moment you have at home. And it's true. Every moment I have with my kiddos is precious, and, maybe even more so when I don't see them every minute of the day.

We were supposed to go to Ben's birthday party this weekend, but colds derailed our plans. We didn't think people would appreciate us spreading the cold love around. Tom umpired on Saturday and Sunday, so I had the kids to myself for most of the two days. Saturday, we were busy, busy, busy. Fred had a vet appointment, then Tom and his dad had to run stuff to the dump, then Tom had to get to umpiring, then we went to Target to get some party stuff for Lily's upcoming parties...phew! It was busy...and we did all of that by noon! After Tom got home from umpiring, we went to the shore for dinner. It's always nice to slow things down and enjoy time at the shore.

Sunday was a little less busy. Tom went to umpire, so Lily, Jack, and I got to play. Lily is in, what I like to call, the "hysterical" stage. Luckily, this isn't hysterical like, crying hysterical, it's hysterical like funny as hell hysterical. She spins, dances, jumps, does this WHOAAA thing that looks like a move from The Matrix. While both kids napped (yes! at the same time! score one for mama!), I graded. I know, I really go crazy. We pulled out the jumperoo for Jack to try. Somehow, he is already big enough to use the jumperoo. Gah!

And now, a few pictures of my babies...

Holding his head up!

Mom, this tummy time is getting old.

Lily and dada in the pool (she didn't scream this year!)

Higher dada!

Ignore me. Focus on the baby who is already too big for his hat.

Trying the life jacket.

There is fat boy, Fred. Sorry buddy. Too many human snacks for you from your sister.

Happy in his trunks!

Beach ball sprinkler!

I may be shivering, but I don't wanna stop!


Ice cream, yummmm...

Look at that face. Those big, brown eyes. Love her!

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