Tuesday, June 11, 2013

Projects Lately

I decided the door needs a new wreath. Right now, we have the balloon wreath up that I made for Lily's birthday (last year). I didn't want to do anything too complicated, so I bought a branch wreath, a wooden "B", some fake flowers, some yarn, and some wire. This is the result:

I also wanted to create something to display the kids' birth announcements, newborn hats, sonogram pictures, and hospital bracelets. Lily's stuff was displayed on a cork board that I covered with a hospital receiving blanket and ribbon. It was cute, but Jack's stuff just didn't work with it. I reworked their stuff into shadow boxes and I love the result:

Lily's frame

Jack's frame
The kids were also funny today. Well, Lily was very funny. Jack just rolls with her silliness.

Lily showing Jack how to play the kick piano.

Three sippy cups are TOTALLY necessary.

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