Wednesday, June 26, 2013

Dear Jack...

...time to get some sleep. Some night sleep. I love you little buddy, I really do, but mama needs her sleep. You were sleeping through the night until about a week ago. Now, you have decided every two hours is a good time to get up and play.

The truth?

It is not.

I know the world is really freaking amazing right now. I totally get it. You can finally see things without going cross eyed. You can roll over, so that is a game changer. You can hold your head up without worrying about it going all wet noodle. I know your world expanded 100 fold in just a few short weeks with all of these milestones. I am so excited for you and happy for you. But, little boy, mama needs more than 2 hours of sleep at a time. So, please, start getting back to your night sleeping ways. I would really appreciate it.

I was reading about a 4 month wakeful. I think there might be a little truth to that. It basically says your world gets so exciting that you don't eat very well during the day for fear you might miss you need to make up for that at night. Time to start giving your eating more attention during the day my little man. Night is for sleeping.

Ok, enough about the lack of sleep in my life.

Things have really been really great around here. Lily isn't throwing nearly as many tantrums. Thank goodness. She still has her diva moments, but they are slowly going away. My girl is acting more and more like a kid (and less like a toddler) every single day (maybe every single minute!). She really knows how to make people smile. She is so smart and funny. If you ask her to make a sad face, she will. She even knows happy face and surprised face (surprised face is my favorite).

Summer has been wonderful. We had a lot of fun birthday celebrations. Having time with the kids has been wonderful. I love being able to spend time at home with them. I think having such a relaxing summer will really rejuvenate me and have me ready for the school year (one to be full of changes!).

Anyway, less about school, more about the babes. Here is a sequence of Jack rolling over (which I couldn't manage to film as a video...oops).


  1. Oh how I remember those days like it was yesterday of baby not sleeping through the night, believe me, they do get better. Sounds like Lily is getting better as well. Have a great week!

  2. Thanks! You too! I know his sleeping will even out again, it just makes the days so much longer when I am dragging. Lily is definitely getting over the tantrums, which is helping a lot!

  3. My little one is about to hit 4 months...I so hope she doesn't stop sleeping :( you have me worried now...I can't remember 4 years ago if my oldest did this or not!! AHHH!! I'm hoping she starts rolling over soon though...I know it should be coming any day now!