Wednesday, May 16, 2012

Midweek Confessions

Well, it's Wednesday. Time to confess. I don't know that I have particularly good confessions this week. My brain is fried, so thinking to write this is even hard.
Because this week is causing a lot of stress (and cursing...just ask my friend/c-worker Mary...she thinks it's funny) I am going to list some of the good things that happened today. Good things about today:
  • Sarah is back! I am glad to have my desk neighbor back!
  • We were able to pay the Tremont off for prom...and it wasn't as much money as we anticipated. And they threw in an ice cream bar! And we can pay off the DJ. Thank goodness!
  • Lily. She is always a good thing. She started walking behind her push toy, which is HILARIOUS. I wanted to take a picture, but I needed to make sure she wasn't going to fall directly onto the toy.
Ok time for some confessions:
  • I could eat all the time. No joke. When I was pregnant I wanted to eat. Breastfeeding...yep...want to eat all the time. The likelihood of my wanting to eat all of the time after I am through with pumping is fairly high. Speaking of food...where are those chips?
  • I love coffee. It's unhealthy. I tried to give it up once for Lent. Two days in my department chair made me go get coffee. She said God would forgive. I think that's true. It is probably better to be nicer to people than to be a crazy b*tch when I don't have a cup in the morning.
  • I think dieting is silly. Eat a balanced diet. Exercise. Chase after a 1 year old.
  • I think money is silly. I know, I know. You need it to make the world go 'round...but it's paper. And people kill each other over it. Over paper.
So my confessions this week are a little silly. Like I said, I am sure I have some deep, dark confessions to unload, but right now, my brain is focused on too many other things (*cough* prom *cough*).

So, what are your confessions??

Mama! Shhhh...the weather is on! I must watch!

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