Sunday, May 13, 2012

My 1st Mother's Day

I don't know if there are words to articulate how amazing being a mother is. You don't really know, or understand, unless you are a mom. The moment your baby is placed in your arms, the moment your life totally changes. A shift happens, and all that is important in the world is just right there in a squirming, crying little person. Nothing put my life in focus more than having my daughter.

Every single day, I am in awe of her. I am amazed at how quickly she went from a tiny, helpless newborn, to a toddler who can crawl, feed herself, and babble endlessly. Everything is funny to her. Tickles, funny. Chase, funny. The dog, funny. I love being able to live each day through her eyes. From a new taste (pizza, ok...cheese/spinach ravioli, not ok) new sounds (rawr!, pfffffttttttt) new experiences (the swing!), each day brings something new.

This week, Time Magazine asked "Are you mom enough?" Well, to all the moms out there, you are mom enough. Whether you choose disposable diapers or cloth, breast milk or formula, strollers or slings, every moment that you love your child, you are mom enough.

Because being a mom isn't about the latest fad, or trend; being a mom is about loving your child. It's about wearing your heart outside your body every single day. It's about not apologizing for making decisions that you believe are best for your child (and you). Being a mom is the hardest, most incredible job you will ever have. So soak up each little moment. Listen to yourself. Give your love. That's it.

So, on my very first Mother's Day, I would like to thank this little girl for making me a mom. I love you Lily. Every single day. I hope that I can be as wonderful a mom to you, as my mom is to me.

Lily, three days old
Lily, six months old
Lily, ten months old

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